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Returning Local Control to Oregonians

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Oregonians have good reason to be dissatisfied with  their governments, both Federal and State:  A ranching family in Harney County has suffered decades of abuse by Federal Bureaucrats (who want their land to add to the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge).  They are serving their second term in Federal Prison because the US Attorneys office decided to prosecute them under the terrorist statute because it had a 5 year minimum sentence. Governor Kitzhaber was forced to resign over alleged ethics violations. Millions of dollars were wasted on Care Oregon and the I-5 Crossing. The PERS System currently has a $18-20 Billion unfunded liability. An Educational system that continues to fail Oregonians.

The answer is getting control back to the local level. Control of Federal lands need to be given to the State of Oregon so the Counties to which that land belongs can manage it for the benefit of their citizens. Constitutional Sheriffs need to provide for protection of their citizens from Federal and State abuse. Elect a Republican Secretary of State who will conduct meaningful state audits and eliminate waste. Alternatives to "brick and mortar" public schools need to be utilized opening up opportunities for Private/State cooperation in the education of our young people.

This is why I am applying to the People of Oregon to become their next Governor. Together, we have the knowledge, the will, and the ability to address these issues and lead Oregon on a better path.

​Ronald Reagan

Sales Tax?!?

I have seen the light!

I had previously spoken in support of a local sales tax. My intention has always been to to DECREASE the money going to the State and INCREASE the money going to Counties. We can do that by having 50% of Income Tax returned to Counties, NO STRINGS ATTACHED -DONE.

NO Sales tax required.   

"Enough is ENOUGH, it's TIME for


"Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives." 

Bruce Cuff